Dear Santa Cruz,

You really came through for me last weekend.  Somehow you knew that a visit from two of my favorite people in the world was your time to shine.  You dispensed with that ridiculous cold weather (don't think I don't compare you to the temps in Atlanta every week!), and you brought out the sunny 70's.

You rocked it at the boardwalk, with cotton candy and carousel rides.  Though really, those two were just so happy to be together, they probably would have settled for playing at the park.

You busted out a major surfing contest, but you thoughtfully dispersed the crowds in time for our drive to San Francisco the next day.  You even gave us a glimpse of Mavericks- at least I think?  If a random spot in the ocean where the waves looked kinda big was it?  Still, fun times...

I think you knew, deep down that if Tracy and Graham moved here, you would would have me for life.  You did your part- the rest is up to me.  I owe you one.

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