Brigham, young

My children are extraordinary.   Of course we all are, we just don't often recognize it in one another.  After all, we can't all walk around in a daze marveling at how extraordinary everyone is all the time- we'd never get anything done.  Maybe it's a special privilege of motherhood to have eyes to see the incredible, unique beauty of a few souls.

This little boy helped his chess team win the regional tournament.  And made some pretty cute personalized portrait valentines for his classmates.  And he's currently working on a life size clay sculpture of Lance Armstrong's head.  Not joking.  Definitely going on our mantel.

Recently I asked him if he was worried about moving, and he said that he was, a little bit, but he was excited for the good things- like the beach, surfing and Aunt Laura and Uncle Adam close by.  He amazes me with his resilience and optimism.

He picks and picks and picks at his dinner each night until we put him on the clock, and then he manages to shovel everything in in the last thirty seconds.  He loves to borrow my hammer (it's pink) to smash rocks open in the driveway.  His teacher emailed me to tell me how beautiful his cursive is.

Sometimes I smile to myself when I think that I get to be the mother of this amazing human being.  It's a job I love.  Thanks Briggie, for making it so fun:).


Still no winter coat, but now I need a wetsuit

Well, the best laid plans....

We had a bit of a crazy week, and it ended with a pretty major change.  Through no fault of anyone involved, our situation with Cal Poly changed, and we found ourselves contemplating a move to Utah.  I never thought I would say that.  The cold weather and (I'm so sorry if you're from Utah!) the landscape are just not up my alley.  The thing is, these BYU people, they just have to open their mouths and they've suddenly got you right where they want you- they are that nice.

Then a door we thought had closed opened again and suddenly our offer from UC Santa Cruz (the one we had originally turned down to go to Cal Poly) was back on the table.  It felt right, so we went for it.  It broke our hearts to let go of the chance to live in San Luis Obispo, but I do believe there were some bonds formed that will play some role in our future, so it was all for the best.  We're off to put flowers in our hair, eat granola and learn to surf! 

Do you think we should changed the dog's name to Banana Slug?  Or maybe Pogonip?