Eleanor Kathryn, 20 months...

...speaks a language of her own.

'Ga' means I have a dirty diaper or, alternately, this carrot I'm eating tastes like [you get the picture].

'Dit down' means I want to get down, or put me down, or pick me up.

'Na' means yeah.

'Boy' means do my hair. Inexplicably.

...loves to say hello and goodbye to every person we encounter while grocery shopping. And then continues to say goodbye to them, increasing in volume and aggressiveness, until the person is no longer in our vicinity. Gets majorly awkward in long checkout lines.

...eats dog food.  A lot.

...gives the world's sloppiest open-mouthed kisses.  Sometimes they taste like dog food.

...does a perfect summersault.

...sleeps through the night, every night, without exception.

...fist bumps on command.



Cindy said...

Sweet. Except for the dog food part... ;)

Lindsay said...

Eats dog food... so funny! I love the freedom that comes from parenting for a decade - do you think you would have ever let little eric eat dog food? But now, hey, it's not going to kill her and it makes her so happy. :) Who are we to deny such pleasures?

E B said...

Hilarious! Aren't these little people easier to appreciate as individuals the more of them you know? She and Hyrum should be friends. They both don't speak English and love to put gross things in their mouths!

Kate Alexis said...

Every part of that is the cutest thing I've ever heard.

Mark Aldrich said...

I am guessing that 'boy' meaning 'fix my hair' comes from 'bow'.

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